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Let's talk a little self-love...

…first, I love, love the new headshots I got at the Silicon Slopes Women in Leadership Career Fair. Dani at Lake City Photos is amazing at what she does!


Also, just flexing that I’m actually keeping my goal about trying to get out in the community more. 😂


Back to self-love…


…do you happen to have it?


When you make a mistake or have a bad day…what is your internal dialogue?


Is it compassionate?


Is it harsh and critical?


What is your external dialogue?


Do you cuss under your breath? Or too loud?


Sigh a lot?


Laugh little things off?


Walk around high fivin’ yourself?


Chances are that the way you feel about yourself will be the way your kids feel about themselves.


Modeling self-love can be so hard if it is not something we naturally feel.


But, when our kids hear us making negative comments about our bodies or our abilities, it gives them permission to do the same.


And just the opposite is true - when our kids watch us congratulate ourselves on our successes (without being arrogant) they learn that it’s ok to be proud of accomplishments and effort.


I asked 3 of my 7 kids if they thought I loved myself. But, they’re smart enough to know that they can really only say, “yes”, so I asked them how they know I love myself.


One son said, “I know because you workout.”


To him, who is inherently healthy and loves working out, this is a strong expression of self-love.


A daughter said, “because you never complain about yourself.”


I know that this isn’t always true, but I am mindful about never making negative body comments around my kids.


Another daughter said, “because you’re always laughing.”


She means when I’m not yelling. It’s a tough balance.


My husband had more of a snarky answer…


Something along the lines of, “of course you love yourself…you think you’re fun and funny and the greatest thing on earth.” 😂😂😂


Yeah, that’s just plain old cocky. Not self-love. 


Self-love is compassion, patience, knowing your inherent worth and allowing yourself grace when you aren’t your best self.


It’s accepting and knowing every part of yourself.


So this Valentines day, take some time to show yourself some love…some self-love.


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